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Durable 100% cotton canvas pant worn by both men and women. These pants are designed to emulate the style and fit of how these pants were actually worn in the 1800's.. Back then, the pants had a very high rise in the front and back. the original design was a spin off to the waist overalls miners wore.. By removing the upper part of the overall & making a pant that could be worn with or without suspenders, made the pant more versatile.. However the rise on these first "jeans" were still very high. this high rise was practical for the cowboy as well.. As it also allowed him to have access to his/her pant pockets while astraddle a horse. the waistband will fit higher above the waist than another jean. We suggest to purchase a size higher than what one would usually purchase because of the high rise.

Scully Canvas Pants - Sky

SKU: RW040
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